“It’s one thing to be successful in any profession, it’s another to be specific about what enabled you to get there. Succeeding to be a player in the most competitive, cut-throat league in the world cannot be underestimated”!

Verdayne Nunis / Chief of Staff (Asia), Microsoft

“I don’t think this is something our teams would have thought about before..they think about what we do practically, what we have to learn technically but we don’t go to work and think what should I be doing psychologically”!

Sarah Eccleston / Vice President, Cisco

“Paul underlined something that I think is vitally important to remember, yes they will learn technical skills with us but it is the broader skills that they need to succeed…resilience, tenacity and confidence in themselves so thank you Paul!

Lynne Rainey / Partner (Forensic Services), PWC

Expert in Elite performance

For over 25 years, Paul McVeigh has been an elite performer in two of the most competitive industries on the planet; elite sport and performance psychology.

As a Premier League and International football player for Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City and Northern Ireland, Paul competed with and against the best players in the world on a daily basis which has shaped his understanding of his methodology of high performance. As a world-renowned expert in elite  performance, Paul’s credibility comes from his unique combination of reaching the pinnacle of elite sport as well as being the first Premier League footballer to qualify with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Paul specialises in implementing the mental tools required to elevate the performance of leaders and teams from organisations across the world; especially financial services, technology, and the professional services industry. He has recently worked with PWC, Grant Thornton, Aviva, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Nat West, Microsoft, Cisco and many more.

The insights that Paul shares are even more applicable today in our remote and virtual workplaces, which help empower individuals to understand that our mindset and thinking habits unlock the required behaviours that are necessary for elite performance.

Paul shares his psychological framework from growing up in war torn Belfast, Ireland alongside the strategies he implemented performing under the intense scrutiny of 75,000 fans across the world. He is also an established broadcaster on TV and radio with BBC, Sky Sports, BT Sport and is a published author of the ironically entitled book ‘The Stupid Footballer is Dead’.

The insights Paul shared as a Sport Psychologist for two Premier League clubs, Crystal Palace and Norwich City, he has helped a number of players compete in, what is considered, the most prestigious and ruthless sports league in the world.


“Myself, the team and our clients were intrigued & highly engaged by Paul’s approach which teaches us how to tackle some of the challenges in life with a new inspirational mindset. I would highly recommend working with Paul as his views and approach to this essential topic will benefit any business particularly those that place importance on supporting their employers, clients and communities”.

Giles Henman / Partner, St. James’s Place

“I thought Paul’s session was amazing, absolutely fantastic! It was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to better understand what really drove success and what the difference was between average performance and really, really top performance and Paul brought that to us in abundance today”.

Terry Robb / Head of Personal Banking, Ulster Bank

“We had Paul come in to run a session with our senior team and it was fantastic to see the psychology behind an elite mindset and so I am looking forward to see how they will apply this in the workplace”.

Gareth Stephens / CEO (UK & Middle East), 4C

Client Offerings

From 2021 onwards, Paul offers a variety of ways to work with him that can suit the needs and budget of your business, leaders and teams. These can range from a one-off Keynote Speech for the entire organisation, a 2 hour mental performance Masterclass for smaller teams, through to a 6 or 12 month accountability programme that combines with his 1-2-1 Executive Coaching that develops your people and staff to learn from the same framework that allowed Paul to compete in the most ruthless and competitive industry on the planet; The Premier League.

Psychology of PERFORMANCE

Performance involves numerous, multi-faceted principles that can be broken down to measure progress. Many top organisations consistently work on the technical component and yet, the psychological approach is invariably the biggest differential between proposed objectives and actual outcomes. I use my expertise to engage your staff to consciously improve their mental performance. 

Psychology of LEADERSHIP

The latest empirical research is redefining what a leader is, what they do and how they do it. Implementing these 5 key principles can help shape the leaders of the future; belief, accountability, pillars of change, identity and empathy. However, you can’t get the best out of others until you get the best out of yourself. Here I share my insights to help your leaders elevate these elite competencies.

Psychology of TEAMWORK

The highest performing teams on the planet share an ethos that is consistent, tangible and methodical. Understanding what is required from each other is crucial to success. Building upon our tried and tested framework helps each team player engage and flourish to develop them as people and future business leaders. I use insights from my 20-year experience in a high performing environment to help unlock your team’s potential.


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Psychology of Success

The Psychology of Success podcast with Premier League footballer and Performance Psychologist Paul McVeigh. Throughout this series Paul will be interviewing, learning and discussing the variety of ways that people can be successful in their lives. He wants to know why some people get to the pinnacle of their careers as well as the driving force behind that, and share the findings in this podcast that people can take up to 25 years to learn.


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